Hello there!

Welcome to the official blog of beautybagg.com!!

We’re busy working toward our launch especially for YOU, and in the meantime we thought it only polite to give a brief introduction about ourselves.

Beautybagg gives you the unique ability to share and discover beauty with the people you trust the most – your friends, family, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, all others in your social network (NOT representatives of beauty brands or advertisers!!).  People whose faces you’ve actually seen in real life (imagine that!)!

Interested?  Maybe even a smidge?  We’d TRULY love to know!  Please help us by giving us by filling out this VERY short questionnaire.

Want to be among the very first to get a sneak peak?  Click here or on the picture below and just sign up!  (Psst – there’s also a bright pink button on the bottom right of the screen – click it and you can contact us directly!)

Also, follow us on Twitter!!  We’re @BeautyBagg and we’d love it if you tweeted us!

In the meantime, keep posted on more news about us, our launch, and our PERSONAL beauty faves.

What do you think?

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