LED: skin saver or destroyer?

A few weeks ago, we had facials at Joanna Vargas ( a la Gilt City).  The facial was pretty good and one of the things they really pushed was a 20min sit down under blue/red LED lights. We didn’t get the light session at that time because it was pretty pricey ($90 for 20 mins!!!) but we’re always interested in new ways to achieve better skin and settled down for more research.

First, we read a Vogue article about the Vargas salon and the LED light therapy. The Vogue editor didn’t seem to see any major results but she did write about people that are LED die-hards. The NYtimes also just had an article about home LED treatments.  However, the article talks about how LED lights could give you cancer (?!), which seems like just about the biggest con there is.

Links to research below:

NYTimes article: Taking Home the Lasers, Pulsers and Sonic Care

Joanna Vargas LED lights

What do you think about this??  Have you tried it??

What do you think?

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