Wearing makeup makes people like you more!!

Well.. maybe.  And only if you don’t overdo it.

Picture from ABC News

We came across an interesting article on ABC News that profiled a study done by Proctor & Gamble and Harvard.  This study indicates that people find women more competent and trustworthy if they wear makeup!  It leads to the whole concept of people liking people more if they find them attractive.

So before you cake on more foundation, here’s something else – another interesting point in the article was that women that were wearing too much makeup were found to be less trustworthy.  The article ends with the point that there are plenty of ways for women to feel beautiful and confident and women should wear the amount of makeup that makes them feel the most comfortable.

Well, the last point is something we definitely agree with – when you feel good in your own skin you will exude natural beauty!

Read the article here.

What do you think?

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