My beautybagg: new fragrance addition

Ok, I just have to talk about what a complete DEAL I came across today at TJ Maxx.

Marc Jacobs Biscotti (via Instagram)

My friend Risa is a fragrance fanatic and has a very distinguished nose, and I get all my fragrance advice from her.  A few months ago she  recommended Marc Jacobs Biscotti to me after I asked her to suggest something light, bakery, and floral.  I didn’t know if that combination existed.

I’m not a huge perfume person (I’ll do a post on that later), but consistently my favorite has been Marc Jacobs, the one that bears his namesake without anything following it.  So she suggested Marc Jacobs Biscotti, which is from LAST summer and was limited edition.  I searched high and low for it, and yes, it was totally sold out; I admitted defeat.

Enter today, I happened to go into a TJ Maxx on a mission to get a blow dryer (fail) and saw this!!  At $22.99 for a 300ml/10 fl oz bottle (originally retails for $68), I’d call it a good bargain.

And the scent – nice and light, and after wearing it for a few hours, it hasn’t given me a headache yet (which is saying a lot for me).

Verdict – Marc Jacobs Biscotti for the win!

What do you think?

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