Scented jewelry for your beautybagg?

Lisa Hoffman scented baubles (Photo: Courtesy Photo via WWD)

So it’s not exactly scented jewelry, but Lisa Hoffman has launched a line of “scent-infused” jewelry.  Women’s Wear Daily described it as this:

Inspired by Victorian-era jewelry that was made with snap-off parts, every piece in Hoffman’s line, currently available on, features a charm that opens to reveal an innovative scent delivery system: conifer wood spherical beads scented in a proprietary method which keeps the fragrance potent for up to two weeks at a time.

Hoffman’s introductory collection of bracelets is available in five iterations: Tuscan Fig, French Clary Sage, Madagascar Orchid, Japanese Agarwood and Tunisian Neroli. Each charm’s finish—antiqued sterling silver, bronze, 14-karat yellow or rose gold—was handpicked by Hoffman to reflect the scent within. Also included with the purchase of each wrist piece is a small jar, filled with enough beads for six refills, the equivalent to a full bottle of fragrance.

(For you Jewelmint lovers, doesn’t this remind you of their Pomander Pendant necklace that had a piece of fabric in the pendant that you could spray your favorite perfume on?)

Seems like a great gift idea but we probably wouldn’t buy it for ourselves.  What do you think of this?  Would you add one to your beautybagg?

What do you think?

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