My beautybagg: travel toobs and tubbs

I love going home for the holidays, but I miss having all my products with me.  My skin always ends up breaking out or getting too dry,  so this year I’ve decided to bring all my usual products with me in small containers.  I just bought these GoToobs and GoTubbs to transport all skincare products that I can’t be without.

our beautybagg: travel toobs and tubbs (via Instagram)

The Toobs are great because they are super easy to fill up and clean out, and they never spill as long as you screw the caps on tightly.  The Tubbs are new for me, but I plan on filling them with cream products.  The small size is actually very deep and can definitely fit enough cream for a week.

How do you travel with your skincare products?  What would you fill your Toobs and Tubbs with?


  1. jhp

    I like to save the trial size containers you get from the “free gift with purchase” a la Estee Lauder, Clinique, etc. I’ll either refill the containers with the same product or clean them out and refill with my product of the moment.

    btw- love the blog!!

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