My beautybagg: the quest for the perfect everyday eyeliner

Eyeliner is my #1 makeup must have.  I don’t have beautiful luscious lashes so I feel the need to highlight my eyes with a liner.  I am constantly searching for the perfect everyday liner that doesn’t smudge, budge or come off if I tear up a little.  I want something that is a dark brown so I don’t look like I have too much makeup on but instead have that all natural beautiful look that (like all women) I constantly search for.

I have tried tons of eyeliners in my day, and I am always on the hunt for new ones.  These days my go-to eyeliners are:

Mimi's beautybagg: everyday eyeliners

  • Makeup Forever 2L – the perfect greasy dark brown color – glides on so smooth and barely smudges
  • Bobbi Brown Caviar – this is a brown/black color for those days when I want to go a little darker.  It isn’t as greasy and smooth as the Makeup Forever but it does have a great smudge sponge on the other end to smooth everything out
  • Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Violet – sometimes a girl wants to spice something up and going for a purple look always makes me feel just slightly sexier at work

Mimi's beautybagg: everyday eyeliner swatches

Other pencils I have loved before are:
  • MAC Power Point and Eye Kohl – very greasy and nice but they smudge more than the Makeup Forever ones – I like Bountiful Brown Power Point (slightly lighter color brown) and Teddy Eye Kohl (a little shimmer)
  • YSL #2 – this is a kohl pencil that goes on nicely and is in between darkness of the Makeup Forever 2L and Bobbi Brown Caviar
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Bourbon – this one has glitter which is always fun but not always work appropriate

Do you have a “makeup must have”?  What’s your perfect everyday eyeliner?


    • beautybaggblog

      Hey Joodie! I’ve tried and like Milani – I got mine at Target but CVS has it too. It’s super pigmented and smooth. I do find if you wear it on your upper lash line you have to set it with an eyeshadow or else it might smudge after a long day. I’ve heard the Revlon Colorstay ones are good too but haven’t tried them yet.

      I also like the gel eyeliners by Maybelline – gel liners typically have longer lasting power than pencils but takes a tiny bit longer in the mornings to put on.

      Hope this helps! What’s your current favorite eyeliners? Thanks for commenting!! 🙂

  1. shortisthenewblack

    Bobbi Brown currently has limited dual ended liner pencils. There are three main shades 1) Caviar 2) Chocolate 3) Jet then on the following side Caviar is paired with gold, Chocolate with bronze, and Jet with silver. They go on so smooth and soft but last all day long. Easily smudge-able before they officially dry so if you want them to smudge do so right away. They are awesome!

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