Subscribing to beauty

The Wall Street Journal recently posted an article on beauty subscription services, and here’s their blurb on them:

Deciding on a new moisturizer or shampoo can be dicey, especially if you already have plenty of castoffs taking up space in your bathroom.

Product-of-the-month clubs now let beauty junkies try out new offerings. Services send a mix of sample and full-size products in a gift-like box, which typically costs $10 to $50 per package. Subscriptions are offered on a monthly or seasonal basis. Some services send products tailored to a specific skin or hair type, while others deliver samples meant for any user.

There are several services that were featured in the article, including Eco Emi (which I kinda want to try), Beautyfix, TestTube, and Birchbox.  Youtube beauty guru Michelle Phan (love her!) along with other beauty gurus recently launched My Glam, another subscription service.

Birchbox is the only one we tried so far, and below is the Birchbox I just received a few days ago.

my beautybagg: birchbox (via Instagram)

When I first heard about beauty subscription services, I thought it was the best thing since cupcake-flavored body products.  I still think it’s a great idea, but I don’t know if I would target these services just at the “beauty junkies”, as the WSJ article seems to suggest.  I think it’d be very well-suited for someone just getting into beauty who wants to learn more about the different products out there in the beauty universe.

I’ve received 12 boxes from my annual subscription, and each one was like getting a little present in the mail each month.  But for me, I have a ton of products, and I haven’t gotten around to using most of the samples.  Mimi discontinued hers, because she has chemical allergies and couldn’t use a lot of the samples either.

What do you think about  beauty subscription services?  Have you tried any?


  1. mimishih

    I’m a compulsive beauty buyer and I always try new products since I always feel like the next best thing is still out there so I thought Birch Box was amazing when Judy told me about it. But then seriously the samples just started to build up and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I heart the girls at Birch and I think the idea is great but the products just weren’t tailored enough to my needs and I got sampled out. The fragrance allergy was the kicker that made me unsubscribe but I was well on my way. I still think Birch is a great gift for friends and fun to try but just not for me in the long run.

  2. Yessie

    I’m also a compulsive beauty/skincare hoarder. I wish I knew about Birchbox when it first started-I was late getting in on that and just got my first Birchbox yesterday! I love it!! Such a great concept. I wish Myglam was accepting new subscriptions but the site says no, but I left my email for future info!

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