Our beautybaggs: product swap

If you’re like us, you find yourself buying tons of beauty products and then after trying them out, you discover that you don’t love or can’t use them, and then they’re sitting unused in some hidden corner in your drawers.  This year, we decided to do a product swap with each other consisting of these underutilized products in our personal beautybaggs.  Below is part 1 – Mimi’s swap:

This year Judy and I decided to exchange products that we weren’t using and we thought the other would want to try – why leave great products unused when your friends might actually use and appreciate them?

A summary of my products to Judy below – this year she got lucky!  Because of my fragrance allergy, I had to get rid of lots of products I love:

my beautybag: product swap + gift exchange

Origins Vitazing – Great moisturizer that gives my skin a beautiful glow.  I used it all summer long so I could get a slight bronzed look.

La Roche Posay Astringent – I bought this after reading a lot of reviews and everyone seems to be a big fan – I only used the product a few times so not enough to notice if it had a big effect on acne.  I did like the feel of the product though.

La Roche Posay Daily Clarifying Acne Treatment – My dermatologist recommended this product to me.  It smells great and comes out like a lotion.  However, for some reason I only feel like acne products really work when they make my face tingle and this one doesn’t, so I used it more of an all over lotion than as a spot treatment.

Pequi Oil – I LOVE this!  It’s not oily like the Moroccan Oil or other argan oils so you can put in more of the product and your hair just looks shiiiiny…

Oribe Supershine – So sad that this has fragrance, because I love the product and the smell.  Seriously, I always just wished there was a great lotion I could put on my dry ends and this is IT – it’s got a great lotion-like consistency but doesn’t weigh hair down and has a bit of a shine/sparkle to it which I am convinced makes your hair shiny and sparkly.

Zoya – These are actually from my Birchbox samples – I never do my own nails because I”m too lazy but I know Judy does so hope she can enjoy!

Wrapped gift – It’s a surprise!!

Hope you enjoy, Judy!!

Have you ever done a product swap with your friends or family?  If so, what did you swap?

What do you think?

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