Beauty from the inside out

For the past few months, I have been trying to see how I can develop “my glow” from the inside out.  I feel like there are more and more articles about how what you eat affects your skin, hair, nails – everything!  I guess we always knew that the old adage was true – we really are what we eat.

Image via The New York Times

The New York Times recently posted an interesting article about different beauty foods.  I’ve been a fan of Borba water although it is very pricey in NYC – I’ve even paid $4.50 for a bottle!  Borba makes different water flavors that are meant to help different beauty problems: age defying, clarifying, etc. The article talks about Borba gummy bears, which I’m really excited about since I have a love of all things gummy.

Dr. Perricone also wrote an article on Goop about beauty from the inside out.  Both the NYTimes and Dr. Perricone are fans of olive oil, so now we don’t have to feel guilty about eating bread before dinner –  as long as we are dipping in olive oil it’s good for our skin! 😉

Despite all this, I must point out that many doctors do not believe in these beauty foods and there is debate on their proven effectiveness.  The NYTimes article even referenced the fact that vitamins might not be good for us.  I currently take the MegaFood Skin, Nails & Hair vitamins as well as Vitamin B-Complex gummies on a daily basis.  I will say my hair has grown to the longest it’s ever grown and I haven’t had to cut it as frequently.

What do you think about these so-called beauty foods?  Share with us any tips on what you do to make yourself beautiful from the inside out!


  1. julsey knows best :)

    you can only do so much though…nature versus nurture….you gotta work with what you’re blessed with,

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