Where do you get your beauty information?

How do you find out about products you want to try or avoid?  Is it through friends and family, purchasing trial and error, or beauty counter advice?  To kick off the discussion, here’s how I find out about beauty products, ranked from most frequent to least.

Youtube/blogs – I had no idea that there was a burgeoning online community of people passionate about beauty who shared this interest through Youtube and blogs.  I accidentally discovered this in December 2009 as I was getting ready to go on an expedition to Antarctica, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  There are online tutorials, product reviews, hauls, and more from people who were excited to share this with others – AND if you watch or read their Youtube videos or blogs long enough, you could get a sense of what their tastes were and see how closely it matched yours.  Most important of all, it’s easy to access.

We’ve mentioned some of our favorites throughout our blog (click on the tag “Youtube/blogs” to see).  Do you watch any Youtube channels or read any beauty blogs, or do you have one yourself?  Please share with us, because we would love to see what you love AND share it on this blog!

Friends and/or family – When I was in school, it was so much easier to share products with friends – you could actually see it on each other and talk about it in person.  Mimi and I met in grad school, where we went on outdoor expeditions together, and it was through those experiences that we started sharing products – it’s pretty easy to see what the other is using if you’re sharing a small tent together!  I credit her for introducing me to dry shampoo, especially important when we couldn’t shower for 5 days!

I would personally LOVE to see what my friends and family are using, but being busy and geographically far apart, I find it hard to engage in those discussions when other conversations seem much more important.  We’re creating beautybagg to make access to this knowledge completely easy, so if you’re interested, get an early access code here and we’ll send you an invite when we do a private launch!

Magazines – I find that magazines feature products later than Woman’s Wear Daily and the more established beauty blogs, so I very rarely rely on magazines for product information.

Beauty counter advice – NEVER – they’re always biased to their brand or other brands carried by the retailer they work at, so I only use their advice on what color skin base (foundation, tinted moisturizer, powder, etc.) I should get once I’ve made up my mind to get the product.

Don’t forget to share where you get your beauty information down in the comments!


  1. mimishih

    so Amazon Prime has changed my life and i buy everything online! it’s horrible because now I want to buy all my makeup online as well but it’s so hard to find good rec’s. I feel like i go to makeup alley, amazon, sephora, totalbeauty, etc and there are always good reviews and bad reviews and i never know who to trust. i’ve gotten burned on many a product where i had the same reaction as the negative reviewer but there were so many positive reviews that i just hoped for the best. right now i still lean towards famous people i read about and trust on into the gloss, goop, and of course recs from my friends are always #1

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