My beautybagg: yoga edition

With the new year, I’ve seen a lot of new faces in my heated yoga classes, so I thought I’d share what I bring in my yoga bag – I hope it’s helpful to anyone thinking about going.  It actually isn’t all that different from what I bring in my normal gym bag, which would just not have the Yogitoes towel:

My beautybagg: yoga edition (via Instagram)

Extra hair tie – I have very long hair and I need to keep it out of my face, especially with all of the inverted moves that are part of yoga practice.  This isn’t just ANY hair tie either – this is from Sally Beauty Supply, and they are thick and tight enough to hold my almost waist-length hair in a bun.  I usually use two so my bun doesn’t get loose.

Herban Essentials Yoga Towelette – This is a towelette infused with natural oils and scents that I sometimes use to clean my face and arms if I’m running an errand right after class.

eos lip balm in Summer Fruit – Always good to have a lip balm just in case.  This round lip balm has gotten so much hype; I like it because it’s natural, but I don’t find it more moisturizing than the average balm.  I used up the Lemon Drop with SPF one before and liked that better.

Yogitoes yoga mat towel – This towel comes in lots of different colors and is the size of a yoga mat.  It’s an absolute essential for me when I go to yoga class – it grips even better after you start dripping sweat on it.  I have two, and I’m thinking about getting a third.

Small towel – Essential for wiping yourself down during the designated water break in class.

Kleen Kanteen Reflect – In heated yoga, you HAVE to bring water to rehydrate, because you sweat so much.  I love this bottle because it’s completely eco-friendly (I got mine on Amazon).

Bag – A cloth purse I got on a trip to Easter Island during grad school; it’s my favorite bag.

My yoga studio provides yoga mats, so luckily I don’t have to lug mine around.

Here’s a “what’s in my yoga bag” video from Martha, an absolutely gorgeous Youtuber – I adore her videos!  She also talks about the benefits of doing bikram yoga.

What do you bring in your yoga/gym bag?


  1. mimishih

    I don’t bring anything to yoga!! Not sure if people in NYC have gone to Pure Yoga but Charu’s class on the UWS on the weekends followed by meditation is amazing. Totally restorative for the week. Pure Yoga is way to pricey for me at about $150/month just for yoga facilities! But they have given me over 7 trial passes now so I keep going back and “trying” out the facilities which I really do love!

    • beautybagg

      I’ve quit my gym membership and am now just going to yoga and was a bit freaked with I read that article over the weekend! So now I’m not going to push myself as hard when I go. I still believe the benefits outweigh any risk for injury for me though.

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