My beautybagg: mixing oils

As all of you know from a recent blog post, I love oils.  After trying some higher-end oils, I wanted to find more affordable alternatives, so I bought some of my own oils to mix for an at-home experiment.

I got Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil from Whole Foods and a tea tree oil from GNC.  I’ve read that both are good for helping blemish-prone skin like mine.  I decided to mix them with my Clinique toner – I already liked using it, but I wanted to give it a little boost.  In a separate clean spray container, I mixed equal parts toner and jojoba oil and then put in about 10 drops of the tea tree oil.

my beautybagg: mixing oils

The oils separate from the toner, so I have to shake up my spray bottle before every use, but so far I really like the results from my oil mixing experiment!  It has helped control the shine and oil production on my face, and I’ve noticed less pimples.  The jojoba oil also provides a pleasant moisturized-feeling, so my face doesn’t dry out from the toner.  I will say the tea tree oil has a distinct smell that not everyone may like, but it goes away after a few minutes.  I’m considering getting arnica oil as well and mixing that in – an idea I got from reading a NY Times article.

Have you ever mixed your own oils?  Will you give it a try?


  1. Yessie

    I like this post! It has inspired me to make a mist if my own. I just basically used my Clinique and bio oil (just 10 drops) since it was the only oil I had, and I wanted to just test it out. So far so good! Thanks for the idea 🙂 I love your blog:) it’s easy to read and doesn’t overwhelm a reader:)

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