The perfect cat eye

Today’s blog post is by Mimi’s friend, Casey, who rocks the perfect cat eye.

I’ve been donning the cat eye since ninth grade. My mother introduced me to liquid eyeliner. So naturally, I use and wear the same brand that she has always bought: Almay Liquid Eyeliner in Black. It’s great because the fine tip allows for precise application and better yet, it’s only $8 and it’s available at EVERY drug store. If you are a newbie to the cat eye application, this is also a good product to start with because it’s easy to use and inexpensive. I highly recommend for you to not buy the waterproof version – it will dry too quickly to make any adjustments or fix any oops.

Casey's beautybagg: Almay Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Regarding the Almay Liquid Eyeliner in Black:


  • The inkwell allows you to refresh the tip as needed, it won’t go dry during application.
  • It’s an all-in-one product. you dont need to buy a separate or special brush liner
  • Almay products are designed for sensitive skin, so this has never irritated my eyes.
  • It will legitimately last all day until I wash my face.


  • If you know you will sweat or possibly tear up (sappy movies, etc.), this will run easily.  Unless you are good at applying liquid eyeliner without making many mistakes, I wouldn’t recommend the waterproof version, which would safeguard against any tears or sweat…

Here is my simple 3-step application:

(Apply liner after foundation and any eye shadow, but BEFORE mascara)

  1. I sometimes recommend for a first timer to use a pencil first – just to create a line/template to trace. Liquid eyeliner can be intimidating to use!
  2. Pull your lid taught and start from the inner part of your lid, tracing the pencil line. This does not need to be applied in one continuous stroke – I actually trace back and forth to keep the line even and apply in multiple broken-up strokes. The wisp at the end should be light and thin at first – you can trace it back over afterwards to create a stronger line but this will essentially be your template.  You may need to keep your eyes closed for a few seconds and fan them to help it dry.
  3. Even an expert like myself will need to tidy up a bit after application. Make sure both eyes are even in length. You can wear a subtle smaller cat eye version during the day and lengthen and bold it at night. If the lines are not even or have equal thickness, use a damp cotton swab and clean up any smudges or remove any excess makeup. This is where it becomes difficult if you decided to try waterproof – it is NOT easy to remove or fix!

voilà - the perfect cat eye

Add your mascara after it’s dry, and that’s it! Enjoy your new ME-OW look.

Casey's perfect cat eye

Have you tried the cat eye?  Please share how you do it and your go-to liner!


  1. mimishih

    love this! totally inspired me to try a cat eye with liquid which i’ve always been scared of. i’m definitely going to line my eye with a pencil first so i have a guide so smart!

  2. Judy

    Thanks for sharing, Casey! I have so many liquid eyeliners but have never been able to do the cat eye right – totally going to try your method!

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