My beautybagg: Creed perfumes

my beautybagg: Creed perfumes

I love Creed perfumes although they are so pricey! I have Silver Mountain Water, Green Valley, and Imperial Millesime.  They are actually all universal fragrances, and I’ve known men that wear the same ones.  I can’t help it, but I love a masculine scent.

Technically, I’m allergic to all products with fragrance, so I use perfume very sparingly and only on my clothes, but sometimes I just want to smell sexy.  I never wear perfume at work, because I work in a very professional environment where all the desks are close together – what are your thoughts on that?

What are your favorite perfumes?


  1. Piper

    I agree. Perfume should not be worn to work. In my profession, I am very close to people all day long, and strong scents can be overwhelming for either person. That being said, I love perfume at night.

  2. Judy

    I wore the tiniest amount to work twice, and both times my coworkers commented on how someone in the team room was wearing perfume… As much as I appreciate perfume, I agree – it’s best not to wear it in a professional environment where people have to be physically close to one another for long periods of time.

What do you think?

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