My beautybagg: makeup storage

I love seeing how other people organize and store their makeup, so when Mimi asked me how I stored mine, I was happy to share.

The first picture below is an overview of my storage.  I keep this on my desk (it’s the West Elm Parsons Desk if anyone is shopping for a good desk) in my bedroom – I don’t keep my makeup in my bathroom because there’s so much moisture there, and I want this to be in a dry environment.

my beautybagg: makeup storage overview (via Instagram)

This next picture is of my full-size brushes and other tools that I keep on top of my main makeup storage (I keep my travel brushes in a desk drawer).  I keep this in wooden tray that came with something I bought (wine, maybe).  For my brush holders, I use mainly old candle jars – I love to repurpose items.  Not only is it eco-friendly, but I feel like it also has a bit more character.  I also have two small cups with Russian nesting dolls printed on it that  were too small to use to use for drinking fluids of any reasonable amount.

my beautybagg: makeup storage – brushes & other tools (via Instagram)

This next picture is of my main makeup storage.  It’s actually three of the 2-drawer storage units from The Container Store that I stacked.  The main reason I originally chose this was because it’s made of 70% post-consumer recycled fiberboard, which then itself is 100% recyclable.  I categorize my products by drawer and used black paper and a white colored pencil to make the labels.  Inside of the drawers, I separate products by repurposing the small boxes that my Birchbox subscription came in.

my beautybagg: makeup storage – main (via Instagram)

This next part is my makeup storage expansion.  The main storage above is completely full, and I didn’t want to buy a 4th 2-drawer set.  I got this clear acrylic Muji 5-drawer system over the holidays – I was trying to resist because I wanted to keep my storage eco-friendly, but I finally broke down and got it.  I keep my least-used products (which funnily happen to be higher-end items) in here to visually remind myself to use them.

The two small ikat-print bowls next to it are from Anthropologie.  In one I keep eyelash curlers, pencil sharpeners, etc., and in the other I keep 3 kabuki brushes.

my beautybagg: makeup storage – expansion (via Instagram)

How do you store your makeup?  Whatever your storage choice, please share yours with us.  We’d be happy to post yours on our blog to share ideas with everyone!


  1. Hayley

    This is so beautiful. I love the eclectic style.
    Funny you just posted this, I was looking up makeup storage tonight.
    I am trying to figure out the best way to store my goodies and was needing the inspiration 😀

  2. Yessie

    Yours looks great! Mine is spread out in my very small room and looks horrible! I’m constantly changing things to be organized and pretty but for now I’m trying to do the less is more. Ps I’m have brush envy looking at all your beautiful brushes! Have you tried the Real Technique brushes by Samantha Chapman (of Pixiwoo)? They are amazing!!!

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