My beautybagg: Ellis Faas

my beautybagg: Ellis Faas products

When I first heard about Ellis Faas products, I was so excited to try them out.  The cool bullet packaging was something I needed to get my hands on, since I love packaging that closes completely and doesn’t get my makeup bag or counter dirty (I’m a clean freak!).  Also, Lisa Eldrige, one of our favorite makeup artists, seemed to really like the products in her review.  My friend Emily also strongly recommended the foundation, so I went out and bought the Skin Veil Pen in S101, the Blush in S302, and the Lipstick L204 in the Milky formulation.

At first, I really liked all of them.  The lipstick seems glossy at first but is actually very creamy.  The blush was nice too.  However, the sales associate at Bloomingdale’s completely mismatched me to the lighest foundation shade, which is way too light for me.  And now after a few months – with barely any usage – I can’t get anything to click out of my blush bullet.

I would not recommend the products because the packaging, although beautiful, is totally unreliable!

Have you tried Ellis Faas products?  If so, tell us what you thought of them!


  1. Yessie

    Great video! Honestly Lisa Eldridge is gorgeous and has amazing skin so she could make her face beautiful with probably any product! I definetly like the idea of the products, but what will stop me from purchasing (besides the price) Is the pricing. I’m all for splurging, but at the top of the list is plenty of Chanel and YSL.

    • Yessie

      Duh- sorry what I meant was the Heaviness of the products. mg subconscious is always thinking of pricing! (because of said career change my pockets are struggling but I’m stress free. Somewhat!)

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