My beautybagg: office makeup

my work interior

I work in a very flat and transparent office where there are no walls or offices.  Everyone’s desks are very close to each other, and you can pretty much see what anyone is doing at any time.  I’m in finance and often work long hours where I’m eating all three of my meals at work.

Currently, I do not bring or keep any makeup at work since I feel so exposed, and I don’t want people to see me putting on makeup at my desk.  However, I’ve been considering bringing a small makeup bag to the office and taking that to the bathroom to do some quick touch ups.  I hardly ever see other women putting on any makeup in the bathroom, but I feel like that is a pretty acceptable thing to do, right?  I also have a small nail file that I keep at my desk and sometimes will file a nail if I get a break.

Do you think it’s ok to file my nails and/or do makeup touch ups at my desk where everyone can see, or should I also do this in the bathroom?  For makeup, I’m thinking I would want to bring in my YSL Touche Eclat concealer, a Nars blush highlighter, and possibly an eyeliner and lipstick.

Does anyone do touch ups at work?  Where do you do your touch ups, and what makeup are you bringing?


  1. Yessie

    A year ago I worked in a semi professional work setting and always seemed to be sitting in the front aisle cubie, no touch ups unless I went to the rest room- MAC blot powder and a touch of blusher (usually MAC Melba or a random bronzer). Now I’m a nanny (how’s that for a compete 180 career change!) and besides the SPF needed face moisturizer/BB cream, I’m usually make up free:) I miss making my face up for work to be a bit honest!

  2. shortisthenewblack

    I work in the marketing department at a small sized university, cubicle style. I choose to do very minimal touching up at my desk but rather I run into the bathroom and quickly do the touching up. For me, I can’t go anywhere without my Bobbi Brown touch up stick, who knows when you are going to get a blemish or get flushed? I also bring a lipgloss, because lip glosses will instantly up your look, without looking like you put a lot of work into your makeup. I never won’t to load my foundation so I use a tinted moisturizer with rarely any bronzer considering the lighting is terrible in my office!

  3. mimishih

    lip gloss what a great suggestion! and yessie thanks for sharing i’m sure there are a lot of moms and nanny’s out there that would love to know any tips you have for freshening up! what do you guys think about using those j&j blue oil blotters in public? sometimes I see people dabbing themselves on the bus or in restaurants and I’m just not sure how I feel about it…

    • Yessie

      🙂 thanks Mimi! Makes me feel better when I schlep into work/Their house at 6am with my sweats and a ponytail! the best advice I can give is (I’m sure everyone knows this but…) moisturize, SPF and more moisturizer! You’re skin will live you for it and glow!

      • Yessie

        Ps- I love the blue j&j blot powders. I haven’t used them in a while ( but am putting them on my shopping list!) I think by far those are the best blotting powders around. I def used to pull them out in public ( maybe not a nice dinner restauraunt:) and just do a quick blot to my t-zone. If you gets states ask them if they’d like one:) I did once and the person actually really like it!

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