Getting a good hair cut: NYC edition

hair style inspiration

Recently I went and got my hair cut at Salon de Tops in Chinatown NYC.  It was based off a recommendation of both my cousin Ting and my friend Julie who saw each other there 2 months ago and both told me.  I have been getting my hair cut at the Cutler Salon on 56th with James and also have been buying Gilt NYC coupons and have gone to Mizu.  Both hair cuts were over $100.  They were good hair cuts, but paying over $100 for a hair cut is just so brutal.  The most amount of money I’ve paid for a hair cut is $250+ at Frederic Fekkai when I first moved to NYC and wanted that $$$ hair cut experience.  Let me tell you it’s definitely NOT worth the cost.  The stylist didnt’ even blow dry my hair and spends so little time with you.

I knew if I was going to get a cheaper hair cut, I would want to go in with a picture to show the stylist exactly what I had in mind.  I told the stylist at Salon de Tops that I was sick of my layers and wanted a more blunt cut.

my haircut

I’m super happy with the way it turned out!  I got my hair cut with the male stylist Ting (not to be confused by my female cousin Ting, who recommended this salon to me), and he was really great.  He spoke English well, was hip, and totally understood what I wanted.  He asked me where I usually got my hair cut and I told him about the Cutler salon and the over $100 bucks I used to pay.  His response was, “Wow if I charged that much I wouldn’t have to do so many cuts a day.”  I think there is something to be said about how many cuts he does, because he is super experienced.  He was quick – about 45 minutes on the cut, and it was really fantastic.  He took about 3 inches off my hair, so it was a pretty big cut for me.   They also have people that wash your hair and spend a long time giving you a great wash and massage.  Best of all my hair cut cost $35!!  Almost unheard of in NYC!  I would highly recommend this place to anyone –  especially anyone Asian as they cut mostly Asian hair.

Where do you get your haircut? Also where do you get inspiration for cuts? I had trouble finding good resources for haircut recommendations and ended up using a Glamour article.

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  1. Judy

    Mimi, I love your cut! When I visit you in NYC I want to get my hair cut there 🙂

    As for hair (and looks in general) inspiration, I keep an “inspiration” scrapbook – if I’m flipping through a magazine and I really like the hair or look, I’ll cut it out and put it in my notebook. This way when I need to be inspired I can just flip through it. I have to admit I haven’t updated it in awhile though, unfortunately.

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