My beautybagg: Asia skincare additions

Asian women have always been really into taking care of their skin.  I recently went to Taiwan for Chinese New Year’s and couldn’t resist making some skincare additions to my beautybagg.  I really had to restrain myself from buying everything I saw!

my beautybagg: Asia skincare additions (via Instagram)

Albion Skin Conditioner and Albion Cotton Pads – This is one of the best selling “toners” in Japan.  I put “toner” in quotes because it’s not a toner as we know it here in the states.  Asian toners tend to be a bit different – from what I understand, toners there help the products that follow it work better.  In this case, this toner helps to brighten and firm the skin and also helps the skin absorb your moisturizer better.  The sales associate at the Sogo Department Store did a demo on my friend Kathie and me, and we were dumbfounded by how well the moisturizer she used afterwards just melted into our skin.  It’s a big bottle and VERY pricey (~$100), and you have to buy the cotton pads with it.  But from what I’ve heard, it’s a cult favorite among many generations of Asian women, and given that endorsement, I’ve gotta try it for myself.  See ChefCaffy’s review on Youtube here.

DHC Mild Touch Cleansing Oil – My friend Kathie swears by the cleansing oil from this line.  I am trying to use up my Bioderma and have some Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil waiting for me, so I decided to try out this instead since it’s a little different.  It’s a cleansing makeup remover that can be used in the shower.

Shiseido Multi-Defense UV Protector SPF 50 PA+++  – I got this on a whim at duty free when I was coming back to the states.  Can’t have too much SPF!

Naruko Brightening and Firming Night Gelly – Naruko is an all-natural Taiwanese skincare line that I really wanted to try out.  Night gellies are one of their most popular product types.  It is something you use as the last step in your night skincare routine, and this one brightens and firms the skin.  I also got Mimi one to try 🙂

Laneige Sleeping Water Pack EX – This is another extremely popular product, so Kathie and I decided to buy a 2 pack and each take one.  I use it 1-2 times a week and it really increases the moisture level.  I LOVE it!  I’m super curious to try out more from Laneige’s line.  It’s parent company is Amore Pacific, which can be found at retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Sephora.  This Laneige line is designed specially for women age 24-32.  See one of my favorite Youtubers Kokolaroo talk about this in her 2011 favorites here

Silicone sponge – Got it to use when I’m traveling and don’t want to bring my Clarisonic Mia along.

Cotton pads – You might think it’s weird I picked up random cotton pads, but cotton pads in Asia are amazing.  They don’t fray and are just really good quality.

Not picturedMy Beauty Diary masks to give away to friends and a Biore SPF Tinted Milk.

You can find Asian skincare products at the online retailers I talked about in my post on Asia makeup additions.

Do you have any Asian skincare products in your beautybagg?  What have you tried?


  1. mimishih

    Thanks Judy – I’m always so curious about asian and french skincare. I love the Naruko gelly that you got for me – so far I’ve used it twice and it’s got a really nice feel. I will blog about if after more usage. People always rave about cotton pads from Japan – right now I’m using these Duane Reade orgranic pads that are horrible and leave cotton everywhere.

    • beautybagg

      I’m glad you like the Naruko so far! Next trip to Asia I’ll get you some cotton pads – they are cheap and AMAZING. I’m using my regular Target ones only to remove nail polish.

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