Gifting Beauty

Recently, a good friend of mine turned 30.  Usually, we get each other small presents like costume jewelry or dinner.  But, this year we decided to do something different.  A few of us got together, and we decided to get her skincare.  It was a tough decision because skincare is really different for every individual.  Our friend is a blond with beginning signs of aging and combination skin.  We decided to go to Barney’s and spend a lot of time with all the different brands.  First, we tested Crème de la Mer.  It was super thick, and I know people rave about this cream.  However, our friend has combination skin and sometimes breaks out so we decided that a super thick cream was not the way to go.  We spoke with Natura Bisse next.  A few of our friends have used their products and really like them.  There was this super great sales person behind the counter and had us blind test all the different creams and explained all of them to us.  We also visited with Chantecaille, ReVive, YSL and several others.

We ended up getting ReVive Intensite Les Yeux and Natura Bisse The Cure.  ReVive is a brand that really interests me, because it’s created by a doctor that treated burn victims.  The Cure is a product that is meant to change the way the skin behaves and encourage collagen production.  It’s also detoxifying which will be good for her combination skin.  We just gave our friend these products over the weekend and look forward to hearing her feedback.  Her thoughts on these to come!

What do you think?

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