Quick review: Sue Devitt Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque

One of the products I got in my Barney’s gift bag was the Sue Devitt Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque.  I had no idea (and hence no expectations) on what this product was before I tried it, and I really like it! It’s now my second favorite product from the Barney’s bag (right after the Sunday Riley Lip Gloss).

Sue Devitt Beauty Microquatic Oxygen Infusion Masque (via suedevittbeauty.com)

The Sue Devitt masque comes out in a bright blue gel.  This is a self-foaming mask that you rub it into your face in small circles.  It turns into foam on your face, and it feels GREAT.  I have no idea if the oxygen is actually penetrating into my pores, but it feels like it is.  It has blue algae and chamomile extracts to calm the face and reduce redness.  I leave it on for 3-5 minutes, and it sort of feels like it might slide off my face.  I’ve been trying it on a wet face, but I’m going to try it on a dry face to see if that might work better.

It’s a really cool product, and I expected it to be pretty pricey but was pleasantly surprised to find it on Amazon for $36!  I think it’s totally worth it, and I will be buying the full-size.  I think it can also be used as a face wash, but I used it after I had already washed my face since I thought it was more of a masque.  I thought that when I went to rinse it off it would just splash off easily because it feels so light, but I could actually tell that there was a nice layer of gel on my face.  It feels great,and I like that it does seem to work.  Right after use, the redness on my face seemed really reduced, and my face felt refreshed.

The self-foaming technology is super cool, and in sum, I love it!  I definitely recommend it and think it would be suitable for anyone with normal or congested skin that want a gentle yet effective masque.

I couldn’t really find that many reviews of this product online – have you tried this or other similar self-foaming masques (I think Bliss has one)?

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