Quick review: Sunday Riley Good Genes

So after I became obsessed with my Sunday Riley lip gloss in Beach Front, I went online and tried to find all the info I could on Sunday Riley products. There really wasn’t a ton of reviews out there. The website didn’t have too much information and the only place it’s sold online is Barney’s, which does not have much info either. We found one beauty blogger (Lola’s secret beauty) who is totally devoted to Sunday’s products and has everything! Her blog was super helpful, so check her out if you are interested in Sunday Riley’s skincare products.

from my beautybagg: Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment

After I did as much research that I could find out there, I decided to buy the Good Genes Treatment. I didn’t want to commit to anything over $200 without getting more information. Good Genes is $105 and claims to give you brighter, newer skin by increasing circulation. It is supposed to plump fine lines and help with acne scars. It contains NV-5 Ageless Complex (a combo of Blue Agave, Biofermented Aloe + Yeast extract, Prickly Pear, Lady’s Slipper Orchid, and Night blooming cactus) – this is a key Sunday Riley ingredient. It also has arnica, which is supposed to help repair scars and help acne (I wrote about it in my blog post on mixing oils).

The website says to use it 5 days in a row. The product comes out as a white lotion, pretty fluid. It sort of smells like an Asian herbal product. When I pat it on my face, I feel a slight tingle. To be completely honest, I used it for a week straight, both night and day (yes I went a little over board). I must say after a week my face feels baby smooth. Like seriously, my skin is really not that nice and soft, but it is now. It has also helped reduce my acne scars. I’m trying to ween myself off using it so much, since Judy told me it was an acid treatment and my face is feeling a little raw. It is not moisturizing on it’s own, so I’ve been using my Cetaphil lotion on top. I must say, I AM HOOKED. I think the product works, and my face has never felt softer.

I would totally recommend this, because it WORKS; however, it is very pricey. I would recommend this to anyone that wants younger, fresher skin.

I’m officially hooked on Sunday Riley products, and I wish there was an easier place online to find more information. I guess I will have to trek into a Barney’s store again soon, so I can sample some more of her line. Have you tried any Sunday Riley products? If so, what do you think of them?


  1. Judy

    I am totally adding this to my wish list! Along with Sunday Riley’s Skin Adrenaline that I got a lot of samples of and totally love.

  2. lola

    Thanks for saying such nice things about my blog!! I’m definitely a Sunday Riley devotee! I’m so glad that you found my blog helpful. I recently posted some overviews of the entire line with links to all of my reviews, and also a post dedicated to helping people find the right shade finishing product in her line! Like you, I totally love Beach Front Lip Gloss- I’m totally obsessed with it too! xo, lola (love your blog!)

    • Judy

      Lola, thanks for stopping by!! We totally love your blog!! It’s a daily read 🙂

      You’re definitely an inspiration for trying Sunday Riley, and I can’t wait to get some of the beautiful Hakuhodo brushes you’ve been showcasing when we go to IMATS LA in June! 🙂

      • lola

        My pleasure, Judy!! You are very kind to say such lovely things! I’m thinking about going to IMATS in June– especially since I live in LA. I’m a little terrified by the trouble that I might find myself in at the Hakuhodo booth though!

      • Judy


        I completely understand – I need to save up for Hakuhodo! Do let us know if you’re going to IMATS – it’d be wonderful to meet you! 🙂


  3. kalsoomchachar1

    Definately getting this product as i have started to notice first signs of ageing in my case suddenly my oil tank filled skin has become so dry and flaky. Thank u so much this post helped a lot xoxo 😍

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