My beautybagg: Chanel mirror

It’s my birthday soon, so I decided to splurge on a small gift to myself.  I decided to get this Chanel mirror to do little check-ups during the day to make sure that everything is still in place (no eye makeup smears, concealer still looks ok, etc.).

Total price with shipping and tax the mirror was around $50 – which, in my opinion, is super expensive for a mirror.   I think I was hooked because it said limited edition on the Chanel website, and I tried to get one at Barney’s and they had sold out.  I loved the simple elegant way it looked online.  However, when I received it, I felt like it was rather plasticy feeling and not that great.  I still use it all the time and I’m happy to have a mirror at work, but honestly it is too pricey for what it is.

Do you ever get little gifts for yourself for your beautybagg?


  1. Kate

    Thanks for the review – this is totally something I would’ve “treated” myself to, so thanks for the honesty! Probably better off buying a Chanel compact with the powder, so at least you have the powder I guess. I somewhat splurged on the much-hyped Chanel lipstick in “Boy,” and it’s a pretty color but really drying lipstick. Def not worth the price. Nars and Mercier are so much better!

    • Judy

      Oh wow, that’s good to know!! I’ve been wanting to try out one of the Rouge Coco Shines, and Boy is supposedly the best color! I’ll steer away 🙂 What colors do you like in NARS and Laura Mercier??

      I agree with you on the compact though – I’d get a powder compact too so at least you get the “Chanel” effect when pulling it out of your handbag but it has a function too 🙂 And especially after Mimi’s review, I won’t even consider getting the Chanel mirror!

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