Inside a fashionista’s on-the-go beautybagg

I love looking inside other people’s beautybaggs. I just think it’s so interesting to see what products other people use, why they picked those products in particular, and how they are liking it so far.

I recently had brunch with Rae, who spent a few years at Alexander Wang as an accessories product manager (Rocco, anyone? It’s only been on my admire-from-afar list for the last few years). I (shamelessly) asked to look inside her on-the-go beautybagg so I could share it here:

Shu Uemura Face Architect Foundation – Rae says she usually uses a Shiseido foundation that her mom gave her, but she was on an international trip and forgot it, so she picked this one up at duty-free. She said it was just ok and wears shade 774 (from my visual reference she seems to be about the same shade as me, about MAC NC-25).

Fresh Sugar Plum Lip Treatment – Rae was meh about this – said she likes the non-tinted version better.

Advil – some form of pain reliever is a must-have in everyone’s handbag, in my opinion.

La Mer Moisturizing Cream – Rae has combination skin but says she’s been using this for a long time now, although it can be sticky.

Fresh Sugar Face Polish – Actually, it’s just the container – it’s empty and holds more La Mer.

These were the items she used out of her on-the-go bagg. I did see a pretty peachy-pink Bobbi Brown lip gloss peaking out but she doesn’t use it.

What’s in YOUR on-the-go beautybagg?


  1. Judy

    I actually love the Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments, especially in Rose and Honey. I really want to try Passion – maybe in the fall.

    Really curious to try La Mer products after this and Lilian’s skincare routine..

  2. mimishih

    OMG 2 posts now where our guest bloggers have been in love with La Mer! I tried to get a sample at Barney’s recently and they wouldn’t even give me one! I’m just not sure the product is going to be good for my face because I have oily skin and it seems to work well for dry skin girls…

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