Beauty and friends

the spaaaahh...

Recently, 3 friends and I had a spa day.  In short, it was amazing.  We all got different procedures (I got a facial) and then we hung out in the spa all day.  First the Jacuzzi, then both steam and sauna, and a cool water mist to finish.  In total, we were there for over 4 hours!  It was really great because we are all in our late 20’s/early 30’s with jobs and busy lives.  We don’t get to catch up for super long periods of time, especially not in a relaxing setting like a spa.

We talked about our jobs, men (of course), and beauty!  Everyone felt like their skin was changing as we are getting older, and thus the products and the way we use them change too.  Great tips were shared on beauty so look out for more guest posts soon!  At the end of the day I felt refreshed and glowy – and I don’t think this was just because of my facial.  I think sometimes catching up with your girlfriends and making a day of it really helps you be beautiful from the inside out!

Now I’m considering hosting a spa day at home where I have my friends come over and we all do masks and mani pedis.  I also know that Tata Harper will come and host an event at your home and then you can get a discount on products.

Have you ever done a home spa day with friends or hosted a brand in your home?  Please share!

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