Skincare for first signs of aging

Today’s post is brought to you by Mimi’s friend Amy, who shares with us how she is dealing with first signs of aging. 

Throughout my 20’s I never thought too much about my skincare regimen.  I was the type of person that would walk into Sephora and say “my skin is feeling dry this month what do you recommend?” and then make the purchase without thinking twice.  I figured that since I lived in NYC and only saw the sun a few weeks a year how bad could it be.  I was also much more interested in purchasing make-up since it shows immediate results versus investing in special creams that may or may not work.

Reality set in the week before my 30th birthday.  I started to notice crows feet that were present regardless of squinting and lines on my forehead that were present regardless of raising my eyebrows.  I panicked.  Was it time for botox?  I had just left my lucrative NYC job and could not imagine paying thousands of dollars a year to fill in the lines every few months and not to mention the additional skincare products I would need to purchase to prevent other aging signs.  I emailed my NYC skin-obsessed friends for advice.  We were seeing each other in a few weeks and decided to discuss it in person.

Not only did my friends fly across the country to celebrate the big 3-0, but they also saved my skin!  As previously mentioned, they gave me ReVive Intensite Les Yeux and Natura Bisse The Cure.  I have had amazing results with both products.  My lines have diminished and my skin feels soft and glows.  I believe the products are ideal for someone with combination skin like mine.  The only time I would say that the products are not enough is after spending a day outside cycling or hiking (don’t worry, I also wear sunblock), when my skin start to feel extra dry.  On these days I supplement the night cream with Caudalie Moisturizing Cream Mask.  The instructions say to leave the mask on for 15 minutes, but I sleep with it on and wake up looking like I just received a deep moisturizing facial.

Thanks to my friends’ thorough research, skincare obsession and thoughtfulness, I can still easily pass for 29 😉

What products do you use for anti-aging treatment?


  1. mimishih

    Ames you are so beautiful – I can’t believe you even considered botox!! Also – I totally leave my masks on for way over the recommended time as well haha. I’m super happy you are using nice skincare now and taking care of your skin!

  2. Judy

    Thanks so much for sharing, Amy!!

    I’m totally into anti-aging skincare too. Do you use both the ReVive and NB products at the same time? If so, what order do you use it in? If you were just to recommend one of them, which one would you recommend?

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