Rocker chic braids

I finally went to the John Barrett Braid Bar for my birthday!  It’s on the top floor of Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, and it was extremely crowded on the Saturday afternoon that I went.  Lots of women and children were there getting blow outs, cuts, etc.  I got seated about 10 minutes after my appointment time.

My stylist Sue was really great! She had another client that was getting a makeup touch up done in between her hair session and I got slotted into that time.  She asked me what I wanted and showed me a book with a ton of different looks from fishtail to a simple half pony-tail braid.  I told her I wanted my hair all the way up and I liked some volume in the front.  I wanted sexy rocker chic.  It took Sue about 20 minutes to braid my hair and it ended up looking like this:


What do you think? I loved it!!  I would definitely go back to see Sue again, although I must say the John Barrett salon was pretty hectic.


  1. Judy

    Mimi, you look AMAZING!!! I totally LOVE the hair – I can’t believe it only took your stylist 20 minutes. Is this something we can learn to do ourselves??

  2. mimishih

    Oy not sure – my friend casey is great at hair and maybe she could do it. I asked the stylist and she was literally doing 10 braids that day on top of her other stuff so I think she is like a master braider at this point.

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