Natura Bisse Facial at Barney’s

My friend Emily signed me up for a Natura Bisse facial at Barney’s. I had no idea what to expect because I’ve never gotten a facial at a department store. Emily is a die-hard Natura Bisse fan, and she uses a ton of their products (blog post on this coming up!). I generally avoid the line because a lot of their feature products have fragrance (which I am allergic to), but the facial was for their new NB-Ceutical line that is targeted for sensitive skin.

I got to Barney’s and went to the Natura Bisse counter. The woman at the counter explained the new NB-Ceutical line to me and then I met my facialist. She brought me to a small side room they had on the makeup floor and it was sort of like a mini-spa experience. She even gave me a robe and had a spa chair.

She started by washing my face with the new Tolerance Cleanser. Next she applied the Tolerance Enzyme Peel. She said that this peel is meant for people that are super busy. You put it on for about 2-3 minutes, then put a little water on your fingers and massage your face to activate the product. After that you just wash it off – very fast.  She said that the peel has special features that get deep into your skin and “vibrate” your pores. I’m not really sure if I believe her and I definitely did not feel any “vibration”. It’s a pretty simple, quick mask.

Next she put on the Oxygen Mask that felt very nice and cooling. She finished off by applying the Tolerance Toner, Intensive Tolerance Booster, and Tolerance Recovery Cream on my face. While she was applying the serum, she gave me a fantastic face massage and sort of slapped my face gently and pinched it. It was kind of great – to be honest I felt like she was freshening up my skin. The facial took about 20-30 minutes in total.

After the facial, I was taken back to the makeup counter and was given the hard sell by the woman at the counter and my facialist.  I was really overwhelmed (and also confused about if I should tip my facialist), and both were giving me a ton of product suggestions. I ended up buying the Glyco Extreme Peel and the Oxygen Mask. However, after getting home I realized both products have fragrance, so now I’m going to return them. The Glyco Extreme Peel is super expensive ($245!) and the Oxygen Mask is $38, but I’m going to stick with my Sue Devitt Microquatic Oxygen Masque because I love the way it foams.

Although the facial was fun, I would not recommend that people do this unless they really want to buy products from that specific brand, because you really get pressured into buying the products.  The products were fine but really didn’t impress me enough to buy them, had I not felt overwhelmed and pressured.

Have you ever done a facial at a department store?  If so, for which brand, and how did you like it?


  1. Kate

    Try Nordstrom for facials and services. They have Beauty Specialists that aren’t pushy at all because they sell across all counters and give free samples of almost anything and never guilt you into buying!

  2. mimishih

    Thanks Kate that is great to know – the ones at Barney’s are so pushy it’s so annoying! I never feel like I’m getting good advice there just getting sold into the most expensive products.

  3. Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    Good to know! Barney’s makeup ladies seem super aggressive based on everything I’ve seen!

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