Nail polish newbie

After seeing Judy’s obsession with nail polish, I decided to go get some (literally I had no nail polishes).

A few of my friends, Emmy and Casey, are also obsessed with nail polish and do their own nails.  I have been getting my nails done professionally for a long time, but recently I’ve been trying to do my own nails to save some money.  It’s actually sort of fun!

First off, I needed a good nail polish remover.  I had been using a non-acetone one but it took forever for me to get my nail polish off.  So, I asked Emily and she told me to get the 100% Acetone one from Duane Reade.  I must say it works great!  I have no idea if acetone is horrible for you, but it really does work.  Next, when I was at Barney’s getting my mini-facial, I decided to go to the Chanel counter and ended up getting 2 nail polishes.  I was inspired by Sabrina’s swatches on  I bought Peridot and Jade Rose.  I love Peridot – it’s super gold, shiny and beautiful.  Just like the swatch.  I didn’t love the Jade Rose as much.  It was hard for me to put on and was a little streaky.  It was a little too pink for my taste as well.  So, I went out and bought the OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy which I really like.  It goes on smoother.  I also bought the Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat.  I’m not using a base coat – is that bad? I want to buy more colors, but every time I look online or go to the store I get overwhelmed.

What are your favorite nail polishes?  Please recommend some colors!!


  1. Kate

    Acetone can def be harsh so I suggest Lippmann’s The Stripper – much gentler but does a great job!! It’s really only available at dept stores so I reco Nordstrom. It also comes in travel packets which is great – one works for all 10 nails. I also highly reco Shiseido or Cle de Peau coton pads to remove polish – here awesome and leave no fibers behind.

    My fave polishes are Essie (Chubby Cheeks is a super spring coral!) and OPI, but I’ve recently found MAC to be great too – it stayed on with no chips for 5 days while traveling in NY. While I like Chanel colors, I don’t like the consistency nor wearability.

  2. mimishih

    Thanks! It’s great to know about which brands and colors you love. I’m def going to check out MAC. Also great advice on the remover thanks! I wish there was something cheaper and easier to get tho!
    Also – since I’ve been obsessing about Hunger Games since it came out the nytimes just had an article about nail polish and the movie!
    Judy let us know how you like your hunger games polish!

  3. Judy

    Mimi, I’m glad you are jumping on the nail polish bandwagon! I find doing my nails to be so fun – it’s like a mini pamper session. Btw, I HIGHLY recommend using a good base coat, top coat, and a good nail polish remover. I’m going to do a post on my nail polish basics soon!

    As for the China Glaze Hunger Games collection, I only got one – Smoke & Ashes (swatch here: I haven’t worn it yet but the swatch looks AMAZING. I liked some of the other colors, but you know I’m on Nail Polish Out 2012 so I forced myself to get the one that I liked best.

  4. budziak

    Essie and China Glaze are my favorite polishes! They have such a wide range of colors everything from brights to nudes and delicate sheer to deep dark rich shades. They have something for everyone! 🙂

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