Five of our favorite beauty blogs

I read before that after dry grocery, the beauty industry has the most number of product releases in a year in the US.  That article was from a few years ago, so I would’t be surprised if beauty products now rank first in product releases.  Given that, it’s really hard to know what of the new products are worth purchasing.  I generally like to read blogs that talk about higher-end products, because since they have a higher price point, I want to be sure I get a sense of how they will work before I make the ultimate purchase decision.  Don’t get me wrong – I ❤ more affordable products found at drugstores and mass retailers, but it’s much easier for me to pop by a CVS or Target to look at it, buy it, and if I don’t like it, return it.

So anyway, I’ve got a VERY long list of beauty blogs I like to read to get this type of information – I’ve picked just 5 of them below:

The RAEviewer – This is written by Rae, whom I first found out about via her youtube channel (which I also love).  She generally focuses on higher-end beauty products, and I particularly appreciate that she has a strong point of view on which products she likes and which she doesn’t.  Her blog is well-written, and she does a really good job of describing product characteristics relative to the large amount of products she’s previously tried.  I’ve purchased many products sight unseen because of her thorough reviews.

Temptalia – Written by Christine Mielke, this blog is my first place to visit for swatches from new collections, especially MAC.  She has AMAZING swatches and a consistent rating system that is easy to compare products across brands.  If you were to google swatches for anything from MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, etc., her blog is probably the first to come up.  She also has a section called Beauty Deals that I check every week.

The Beauty Look Book – Another blog that features higher-end products.  I love Sabrina’s taste – she has an EXTENSIVE collection of higher-end products and does great comparisons of new releases.  It’s also super convenient that her skin tone is essentially the same as mine so I usually follow what color she is and just order the product (because I like to do my beauty shopping online).  Really clear pictures – I’ve also ordered lots of products sight unseen because of her reviews.

Cafe Makeup – Similar to The Beauty Look Book – I like to come read Amy’s blog to look at more pics and get another perspective.

Into the Gloss – Mimi got me into reading this blog because she referenced it so frequently.  This is written by Emily Weiss and features interviews with industry insiders on what products they use, but I like seeing what Emily uses on herself the most.

Do you read any beauty-related blogs?  Or do you have one yourself?  Please share – we’d love to check it and feature it here!


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