Must-haves from a beauty product junkie

Today’s post is brought to you by Mimi’s friend Emmy, who is a total beauty product junkie!

Hola ladies (and gents!) – my name is Emmy, and I am a definite beauty junkie. I’ve had the basics of skincare drilled into me since I was about 10 (Moisturize! Eyecare! Stay out of the sun! – thanks Mom!) and love/need to try newer and prettier products (hello stem cells). So, here’s a peek into my must haves and must tries:

Basics on my skin – I have medium skin tone, tan easily, break out (especially duringthat time!), few fine lines (but paranoid!), have redness, sensitive, oily, and dehydrated skin.  For hair – I have oily hair at the roots and dried ends.

My MUST HAVES – these are products I must have on hand ALL THE TIME, and I HOARD THEM.


I was recommended Natura Bisse products on a past visit to SpaceNK, and I LOVE the products I mention below.  In addition to those, I’ve also tried the Glyco Extreme Peel, which made my skin freak out, so I stay away from the entire Glycoline line.  I’m also not a fan of the The Cure Sheer Cream, Natura Bisse’s tinted moisturizer, which wears off when I sweat.

I really love Natura Bisse’s NB Ceutical line – I find that the older I get, the more sensitive my skin has become (by sensitive, I mean, it’s prone to dryness, extreme oiliness, dullness and redness); the NB line is engineered to build up your skin’s “immune” system and basically teach it to fend for itself.

Why do I love Natura Bisse?  The texture, the richness… but certainly not because of price!


  • Conditioner – Kerastase Masqueintense – love the richness and texture.
  • Styling product: out of the 5 (ok, 3) styling products I use (including the Fekkai Glossing Cream), hands down, Bumble & Bumble Prep is the best, because it’s a great detangler.

For shampoo, I switch between one for oily hair and one for volumizing – both are by Kerastase, but they aren’t my must-haves.

What are YOUR must-have products?


  1. mimishih

    yay emmy! she is my skincare guru and has turned me on to so many products because I know she shares my same acne prone skin and she’s gotten it balanced out now so it looks amazing! next installment she has to do makeup because she is a pro at that too!

  2. lydia187

    Love Natura Bisse! Just started using their Oxygen Cream, but similarly also trying to get over the price tag.

  3. mimishih

    Love the oxygen cream and serum. Emmy just texted me that she got the glycol which everyone raves about – follow-up blog after the uses it for awhile coming!

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