Shopping for beauty

Mimi asked me recently where my go-to places are to shop for beauty products, and I thought it’d be a great idea to ask all of you too – where do YOU shop for beauty?

Depending on the product category and price point, I have different places I like to shop at.  Here are my personal picks below:

Sephora – first go-to specialty beauty store.  This is an obvious choice for 3 reasons:

  • Beauty Insider program – makes it valuable for us to get points and “cash” in to get samples, and there’s the twice annual VIB 15 or 20% off that I always go overboard at (and this makes me never want to lose my VIB status, spend over $350 per year)
  • They just carry the broadest array of brands that I would be interested in.  They recently added Koh Gen Do, Edward Bess, and Sunday Riley, so now even more of my share of wallet will go to them
  • Great 60-day return policy – also, you can buy online, return in store.

Ulta – nail polish and hair styling products.  Nail polish and hair styling products is one of those things that I rarely buy online.  I like to pop in and check out products on the spot.  I get all of my Essie, OPI, Orly, China Glaze, and Butter London here.

Target – all things “drugstore”.  Don’t forget to check out their coupons before you go!

Nordstrom – my department store of choice.  THE best return policy, free shipping/returns (a la Zappos model), broadest selection of beauty of all department stores.  I come here to get higher-end beauty products, like Burberry, Chanel, etc.

Sasa (Watsons if in Asia) – Asian beauty products. has the best online pricing of Asian beauty products that I’ve seen.

Spirit Beauty Lounge and Whole Foods – natural and organic beauty products

Dermstore – I go here for skincare brands, such as La Roche Posay and Skinceuticals.  They’ve always got some discount code floating around too.

Don’t forget to share what stores or websites you like to visit to get your beauty products!


  1. mimishih

    Love it I’ve never heard of Sasa! I want to know where people get French beauty too! I like the in-store experience of SpaceNK because they only sell limited products and their sales reps are given generous test amounts of the products so they can really talk about them. I don’t love their website tho – hard to navigate and have to spend $$$ to get free shipping. Goop always recommends – I’ve never bought anything from the site yet but looks similar to Sephora. Where do you get organic products online??

  2. mimishih

    NM I see Spirit for organic nice thanks! Um also you are going to have to do another blog on Asian beauty products from Sasa – one of the editor faves is a placenta drink what is that?!?!?!?

  3. Judy

    Wow, placenta drink.. maybe I’ll get some for us on my next trip to Asia!

    I REALLY want to visit SpaceNK when I come to NYC! I didn’t mention – for more niche brands, I typically buy direct from their websites.

  4. Kate F.

    Plus, Nordstrom also has Beauty Stylists (like Personal Stylists, only for beauty – it’s totally free, and they cross all counters), AND they have free samples of almost anything!

  5. lydia187

    I like shopping for beauty online so I can look up product reviews. is great for hair products and (same family as is fantastic as well.

    When I do shop brick-and-mortar, I actually will prefer to visit brand-specific retail stores – I always walk away with tons of samples!

    Drugstores are another great place to find beauty and skincare staples.

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