Beauty inspiration from The Voice

I have been totally obsessed with the show The Voice.  The show is crazy entertaining, between the great singing and the hilarious judges, and who doesn’t love Purrfect Cat??  So, I must admit I was voting for Juliet (yes, I did make my boyfriend vote for her 10 times), but I am really happy for Jermaine as he was definitely my #2 and seems like a great guy.  Besides being an amazingly good show, the makeup and hair on the contestants have been killer.

Here are 3 of our favorite looks:

Juliet Simms (via MSN entertainment)

Oh Juliet – how we wish we had your rocker-raspy voice and sexy bangs.  You looked just like a real-life Katniss in red, and we totally saw you wearing the Mocking Jay pin in the finale!  We loved seeing you back as a brunette.  The slight ombre into red at the tips was delish and lovely.

Lindsay Pavao (via NBC)

Lindsay Pavao has been making the most extreme hair and makeup choices.  We loved her from the time we saw her partially-shaved head.  Very daring and cool of her! We wish we had enough hair to rock out like that. She’s also been doing these really cool eye-shadow looks with jewels.  Sometimes she looks a little alien, but we love it.

Christina Aguilera (via Oniomania Problems)

How could we not include Xtina in this post?  When we stop staring at her boobs, we notice how she has been rocking some really cool hair looks.  Head pieces can sometimes look silly (ahem Kim K), but this one looked pretty chic on Xtina.

Do you watch The Voice?  What have been your favorite looks?

What do you think?

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