Friends French Finds: Weleda

Two of my besties, Casey and Emmy, recently went to Paris.  I didn’t put in any beauty requests, even though I love the post on French Pharmacy finds that goop did.  However, they came back with a surprise for me and got me three Weleda products!  I have seen this brand for baby creams, but have never tried it before and did not know they had adult products.  The products they got me all have a rose scent, but the pharmacy told them they are all natural (great for those with a fragrance allergy like me).

The first product is a mask.  It is very light like a lotion and smells great.  I put a light layer on my skin and left it on for 15 minutes.  It was very smoothing and my skin was more calm and moisturized after the mask.  The next product is an eye cream.  It is also very light and I use it when the skin around my eyes is irritated.  Sometimes I try a new eye cream and I get a negative reaction and my skin gets red.  This eye cream really helps to soothe my skin.  I think it is so-so for wrinkles – if you want something that works better for wrinkles I would go with the Clinque repairware product or the Revive for hard core issues.  The last product is a body cream.  It is nice and light and soaks into your skin very well.  It provides a nice layer of moisture, but not too rich.  I really love the scent and I would definitely recommend this product.  So far, I really like my Weleda products and I am interested to try more!

Have you tried any products from Weleda?  If so, what did you think of them?


  1. Judy

    I love the naturalness of the Weleda line, but I tried one of the facial creams in this Rose line, and the scent is INCREDIBLY STRONG. Would recommend for those sensitive to heavy scents like me to approach with caution!

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