The quest for beautiful lashes

Xtina and her fierce false lashes

We’ve posted about SmartLash before, but I just read an article on the New York Times on lusting after long lashes, and I wanted to get the conversation rolling again.  I have typical short Asian lashes, and I would do basically anything for long lashes.  I have tried a LOT:

  • MAC false eyelash strips
  • Individual false lashes
  • Latisse
  • SmartLash
  • DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum
  • Countless Mascara’s with different fibers
  • Lash perm
  • Lash extensions put on by a professional

The last one, getting lash extensions by a professional, was the best and the worst.  First, it can get to be insanely expensive – the nytimes article author paid $500! My friend Amy  paid $300 the first time and $150 every month for upkeep.  I paid about $75.  But I must say, the lash extensions look totally bomb.  You can’t beat them – you look insanely great.  Like you have beautiful eyes and do not need to wear liner.  A friend told me that she did it so she doesn’t have to put on eye makeup and it saves her 15 minutes in the morning.

However, besides the scary price, my lashes were really annoying.  They got in the way, I could feel them and they were not comfortable.  I ended up ripping mine off because I was so bothered.  It might be because I went the cheapo route and paid less than $100.  Or it might be because my lashes are so wimpy she had to glue so many on.  I’m not sure, but I keep thinking about trying it again with a more expensive lash expert.

For now, I’m just using SmartLash which has helped my lashes grow a bit, but I still dream about taking them to the next level.

How do you go about getting beautiful lashes?


  1. Judy

    So many girls are getting lash extensions!! I don’t think I would ever do it unless it’s for a special occasion. The most trouble I would go to for beautiful lashes is falsies (if I’m feeling particularly motivated) or a lash primer with fibers (fave is the one by Majolica Majorca).

  2. Lydia

    I heard you can’t actually wear eyeliner or mascara on last extensions – is that true? I guess theoretically you don’t need to, but I’d like to have that option available still 🙂

    I’ve gotten a lash perm before at Lavilash in NYC. It cost $50 and lasted about 2-3 weeks. Had the facilities not been as sketchy as they were, I’d consider getting it again for special occasions.

    I’m terrible at applying falsies. I have a go-to friend who does them for me, but left to my own devices they usually will end up my clothes somewhere by the end of night.

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