Supplement for clear skin: MSM

I recently read a post on Into the Gloss where the interviewee said she took MSM supplements to help her achieve clear skin.  Since I’m obsessed with good skin (I have terrible skin), I immediately went to Whole Foods to look for it.

MSM supplement size comparison

I found this in the bones and joints section of the vitamins and supplement aisle.  It was strange because when I was searching for more info about MSM online, I read a few reviews that said it was good for skincare and also saw that it was good for joints.  I have no idea if the supplement is good for joints, but it is definitely helping my skin.  I stopped taking birth control pills a few years ago because I was concerned about blood clots, and every since then I’ve had issues with acne.  I usually have particularly bad skin around that time of the month, but with this supplement, it’s been a lot better.  I’ve been taking one 500mg pill a day during the work week.

I bought the Whole Foods 365 brand, and the supplement is about 50% the size of a dime (see picture for comparison to a nickel).  It’s pretty easy to swallow – not a huge horse pill like some of the vitamins out there.

Do you take supplements to achieve clear skin?  Have you tried MSM?

One comment

  1. Judy

    Mimi, you are so funny with the lengths you are willing to go to for clear skin!! I don’t blame you, since I have cut out milk from my diet and I love milk.

    Are you taking other supplements with the MSM, like the hair/nails one you talked about before? I asked my sister (the orthopedics doc) about MSM and she said it’s for arthritis, so hopefully there are long-term benefits to taking this in addition to clearer skin!

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