Bronzer collection

I love bronzers.  It’s such an aspirational product for me – I would love to look like a bronze goddess all the time, and for the amount of bronzers I have, you’d think I would be.  In reality, it’s one of my least used products, because I’m so lazy about applying it.  Since it’s that time of year where it’s appropriate to look tanned and glowing all the time, I thought I’d showcase my current bronzer collection.

Overview of my bronzers…is 16 bad?  Should I enroll myself in an addiction program?  I’ve included some contour powders since they can be used for bronzing as well.

bronzer overview (Instagram: beautybagg)

Cream bronzers below:

  • Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (top left) – you can even see the errant brush hair from my MAC 168 brush stuck in it from the 2 times I’ve used it
  • MAC To the Beach Creme Bronzer in Beach Bronze (top right)
  • NARS Cap Vert (bottom left)
  • Vapour Organic Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer in  Mirage 221 and Simmer 222 (bottom middle and right)

cream bronzers

Bronzers that are part of palettes:

  • NARS Casino (bottom left of the Danmari palette)
  • Josie Maran bronzer in Contoured (blush is Flushed)
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Pink Power (from The Wonder Woman Collection)

bronzers in palettes (no filter)

Powder bronzers:

  • NARS Laguna (of course.  top left)
  • Edward Bess Daydream – it’s gorgeous.  I really should use this. (top right)
  • Benefit Hoola (2nd row left)
  • Lancome Star Bronzer in 01 Suntan (2nd row middle) – another gorgeous bronzer
  • Giorgio Armani Bronzer in #1 (2nd row, right)
  • tarte mineral powder bronzer in hotel heiress (bottom left)
  • Canmake Shading Powder in 01 (bottom middle) – technically a contouring powder
  • MAC Blunt (bottom right) – got it originally to contour, but who am I kidding

powder bronzer/contour (no filter)

Shamefully, most of these have only been swatched, or at most, used a few times each.  Before I buy another bronzer/contour color (Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate in Intensity One and Dior Nude Healthy Glow Bronzer in 002 Sunlight  may or may not be on my wish list…), I’m hoping to use some of my stash this summer.

What are your favorite bronzers?  Or, do you have products you buy but don’t really use?


  1. shortisthenewblack

    I love bronzers! You have to try Guerlain’s Terracotta bronzing spray. It is amazing, but a tad bit expensive. I have the same problem you do, except with eye shadows. I have them all: cream, powder, single, palettes….I never even wear eye shadow, except on occasion and I always opt for the same one. It is good for blogging purposes though. Which of those is your favorite to use?

    • Judy

      I’ve heard the Terracotta bronzing spray is AMAZING! How do you apply it? Do you find that there are issues with it transferring?

      Lol, isn’t it funny how we don’t end up using some of our products? I think it’s nice to have the OPTION of using them if we want 🙂

      I have to say my fave bronzers of the moment are the Edward Bess Daydream and Lancome Suntan (which I totally got because of Michelle Phan’s Bronze Beauty video from last year: They work really well with my NC-25 skin tone!

      • shortisthenewblack

        You can use it in a variety of ways but my favorite way is to spray my bronzer brush directly with the product and then apply to my face where the sun hits. BUTTTT the best part about it is that you can literally make almost like a “Z” formation spraying it directly on your face and it looks flawless. It doesn’t stain clothes either!

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