Quick and easy sock bun

My friend Amy told me about the “sock bun” during a recent girl’s trip to Las Vegas.  She was obsessed with the bun, because you can achieve a pretty, nicely done bun in less than 2 minutes.  She said she cut off the top of a kids sock and used the elastic as her sock bun.  Apparently, this is how Kourtney Kardashian has been doing the side bun that she sports on her TV show.  I’ve totally been meaning to try it, but my hair isn’t long enough to cover the entire “sock” bun.

Earlier this week, I saw three of my coworkers putting their hair up with sock buns in the ladies’ room!  They had gone to H&M and picked up “foam donuts” for about $4.  They loved the results, and I think it looked amazing.  Iris’s hair is pictured here in a bun (for reference her hair is about chest-length).  She has fine, blond hair, but the donut makes it look like she has thick, luscious hair!  I LOVE it.  First, she put her hair in a pony tail and then she rolled it from the end around the donut.

Judy’s sock bun look!

Here’s a tutorial from Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook (love her!) showing how to use an actual sock to achieve this look.

Have you tried the sock bun look?

One comment

  1. Judy

    I love this look! I actually picked up a couple of those foam doughnut things this past January in Asia to try out but haven’t gone out in public with it yet. I have really long hair, but I have to say – it’s hard for me to cover the entire foam doughnut just because I don’t have a LOT of hair. Might give the kid’s sock method Amy told you about a try..

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