Introducing our lovely interns!

Startups wouldn’t get very far without awesome interns.  We at beautybagg are incredibly lucky to have two lovely and talented interns with us this summer – introducing Daphne and Amy!

beautybagg interns Daphne & Amy

Meet Daphne:

Hi, I’m Daphne from Dallas. I’m a rising junior at Columbia University majoring in English and economics (officially) and minoring in social media superstardom (unofficially). My beauty obsessions include skincare and eyebrows. I’ll be blogging for beautybagg so stay tuned!

Meet Amy:

My name is Amy and I’m a student at The University of Texas at Austin studying Business and English. Like any other girl, I love nail polish, perfume, mascara, and eye shadow. Like some other girls, I love cats, golf, haikus, and cupcakes. I am proud to join the beautybagg team and I hope you enjoy the posts!

Be on the lookout for more from Daphne and Amy!


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