Sunny Neons

Neon nails have taken over summer 2012, and we thought we’d try out some colors to generate some beautybagg insight on this trend.

Five colors and four brands later, we’ve made some discoveries…


Here’s our collection above (from left to right): Essie Punchy Pink; POP Beauty 23 yellow; POP Beauty 24 mandarin; Color Club Lava Lamp; China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

Essie Punchy Pink

This is a great summer neon; it’s bright, fun, and goes great with sandals. The only advice we have for this nail polish is to make sure you apply a shiny top coat since this one comes out matte.

POP Beauty 23 yellow and 24 mandarin

When we think of neon, we think of this yellow and mandarin. We found that the main drawbacks to these polishes are that they both require multiple coats to create a substantial color and the coat comes out streaky if you aren’t careful. We’d recommend at least three coats. However, these are great colors and extremely fast drying for those you eager to get to summer fun.

One tip for these two is to use a base coat, then add another base coat of white nail polish. You can get away with two (or even one if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the summer heat) coats. The white also helps the neon brightness really pop.

Can you guess which nail has the white base coat and which doesn’t?


(For the yellow, the one on the left has the white base; for the orange, the one on the right has the white base.)

Color Club Lava Lamp

This isn’t your average red nail polish. Pair it with your lipstick, or just paint it on after a tan, but however you use it, this red is quite the summer red with its hint of orange and strong color. Again, make sure to apply a top coat. The red might be bright, but it looks better with the extra shine the top coat provides. You can choose to apply one or two coats. This picture below shows an application of two coats. Note: the picture shows the nails as a little bit more red than they are in real life; they’re a lot more orange-red. We’d definitely recommend you trying this if you like bright reds or oranges!


China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

This is another neon pink, but is a less vibrant version of the Essie Punchy Pink. This is more of a peach pink neon, and like it’s name implies, it goes great with flip flops by the pool. We applied two coats and the mandatory Megashine top coat and let the neon do the rest. The picture below shows the nails as more pink than they turn out, and they’re a lot brighter in reality, with more of a peach tint.


Here is what we used for our base coats and top coat: (left to right) Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear 02 White On; Sparitual Lacquer Lock Colorstay Basecoat; Sally Hansen MegaShine Top Coat


Hope you enjoyed reading! Let us know if there are any nail polish brands or colors you’re interested in. Send us pictures of your neon summer nails; we’d love to admire!

And lastly, here’re some picture-perfect neons to spark some summer ideas.


Pictured above: Essie Punchy Pink (bottom left), POP Beauty 23 yellow, Color Club Lava Lamp (top right)


  1. Judy

    I’m always going to put on a white base under neon polishes from now on. I think my fave colors are China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (who doesn’t love a
    neon coral??) and Pop Beauty Mandarin.

    Great review!

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