Doable DIYs: Saving Face

As recent users of Pinterest, we’ve been seeing cute DIYs everywhere. DIY floating shelves. DIY face cleansers. DIY adorable fluffy nameless ball things. We were overwhelmed! Could we really do-it-ourselves?

Finally, beautybagg decided to take on the challenge and flirt with disaster, so you don’t have to. We wanted to find out: are these really Doable DIYs?

Saving Face

For our first Doable DIY Test, interns Daphne and Amy tried The Beauty Department’s DIY Makeup Fixer-Upper Saving Face. This DIY teaches you how to repair any cracked or dried out powder makeup (foundation, eye shadow, or in this case, Amy’s cracked bronzer, Physician’s Formula Baked Bronzer).


From our experience, the majority of the ingredients listed are extremely easy to find:

  • 70% alcohol – only $1.99 from our neighborhood CVS
  • Plastic wrap – straight from our pantry
  • Spatula – we substituted a simple flat knife for the spatula; its only purpose was to smooth the powder
  • Dropper – we had one in our medicine cabinet, but they’re $2.15 at CVS
  • Eyeshadow brush – we grabbed one from our makeup collection, but any small brush would work


To sum it up, here’s what we did: crushed the powder, added alcohol to it, smoothed it out, let it dry. (The full procedure can be found on the original website).

Tips for when you do it yourself:

  1. If you’re messy like us, put a paper towel down first.
  2. The original article recommended 10-12 droppers of alcohol. Other tutorials say this can be done with a few drops. We had to use 10 full droppers in order to wet the powder completely.
  3. Isopropyl alcohol evaporates completely and leaves no residue, but it could irritate your skin if it hasn’t dried yet, so wait a day to use the powder just in case.


Difficulty: Not difficult

Effectiveness: We were satisfied because the bronzer is usable again. However,  it didn’t wow us. The use of alcohol slightly changed the makeup composition, making it chalkier and less smooth. However, this DIY did what it promised and resuscitated a broken bronzer that would otherwise have been wasted. This is a can do!

If anyone else has tried this before, definitely let us know what you think in the comments!


  1. Mimi

    very cool t hanks girls! too bad it didn’t work out. i love the DIY idea tho. My only DIY has been when i depotted a Mac eye shadow to put in my palette.

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