Review: July’s Birchbox

On Friday we got the best gift to kick off the weekend — our Birchbox! This beauty sample subscription service sends you a package of goodies every month for $10. we were excited to see what was inside and compare it to our Glossy Box. So here’s what we got:

  • dirt.’s luxe salt scrub (lemon leaf) – This month’s box was based on the five senses, so this would have been Touch. The lemon fragrance was fresh and sweet and the sea salt had a good texture when using it. It was a little oilier than we would have liked, but overall we loved the smell and feel of this product. $1.875 for sample size.
  • Harvey Prince Eau Flirt (lavender pumpkin) – We had rather negative feelings about this one. The overall consensus is that the smell was too sweet and too strong; it was like girl cologne. This isn’t a perfume that we would recommend to anyone who wants fresh or flowery. Interestingly, Eau Flirt was developed by a Harvard graduate and his brother through a series of focus groups determined to find the scents most attractive to men — so who knows! All we’ll say is, caution: flirt at your own risk. Sample.
  • LÄRABAR® über bar – This snack bar was a strange addition. Luckily, we were craving a snack at that moment and it was pleasantly salty and nutty. Still — a bizarre product for a beauty box. $2.54 per bar.
  • theBalm cosmetics Stainiac (Beauty Queen) – This is a lip AND cheek stain with a sheer, comfortable gel formula. It was comfortable and gave a natural flush to our cheeks and lips. We’d be interested in seeing more from this brand. $17 for full size, $2.27 for sample size.
  • Ada Cosmetics Bronzer (peach bronzer) – Ada’s website says its products are “designed and manufactured by African American Women for African American Women”, but compliment the skin tones of women of various ethnicities. Interesting! This bronzer’s color did not show up well on our skin but it was VERY shimmery, great for highlighting cheekbones, arms and shoulders. $4.15 for sample size.
  • Birchbox Exclusive earbuds –  We love the style of these neon blue and pink earbuds, but unfortunately they get lost on substance. It sounded like we were hearing our beats through a muffler. Anybody want these?

So, when it comes down to it, which is better: the $21 Glossy Box or the $10 Birchbox? Amy preferred the more expensive Glossy Box because its products were higher quality and larger. Judy and Daphne were fans of the Birchbox, because they felt $21 was too much to spend on the unknown.

We will say, however, that in terms of pure bang for buck, Glossy Box outstrips Birchbox by far. Birchbox’s products added up to barely $11 worth (not counting the earbuds), while Glossy Box’s travel-size and higher-end products added up to be worth $45.

What did you guys think?


  1. Mimi

    Great reviews thanks girls! I thought Birchbox was fun for awhile but then I just got totally overloaded by samples, and it was crazy. I think it’s a fun one-time gift tho. Seems like Glossybox would be even better since it gives better samples.

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