And the gold goes to…

As we watched the 2012 London Olympics qualfying rounds in women’s gymnastics yesterday, we were dazzled by the athletic feats and sculpted bodies of girls who could probably defeat us in arm wrestling with a pinkie finger, but found ourselves even more distracted by their makeup.

So we rounded up pictures of our favorite looks below. Who had the best look? You tell us.

Was it Daiane Garcia dos Santos from Brazil, who rocked a gorgeous bronze eyeshadow?

Daiane Garcia dos Santos of Brazil, age 29.

Was it America’s sweetheart, Gabby Douglas (nicknamed the “Flying Squirrel” for her high-flying acrobatics), who wore a fresh-faced look?

Gabby Douglas, age 16.

Could you do this when you were 16?

Bonus beauty advice from Gabby: she told Seventeen Magazine that she loves Aussie Freeze Spray for her slicked-back ponytails and dished to ESPN that she wears MAC lip gloss for interviews.

Some raved about the bright and bold eye makeup worn by Brazilian Daniele Matias Hypolito.

20-year-old Aussie Larrissa Miller went with a beautiful glittery green eyeshadow.

Yuko Shintake from Japan chose a classic eyeliner look.

Yuko Shintake, age 21.

The disappointment of all-around favorite and reigning world champion Jordyn Wieber, 17, was devastating to watch. However, we loved her dramatic yet sophisticated makeup. Good luck to her as she continues to compete for team USA!

Jordyn Wieber, age 17.

And finally, we have to look at 17-year-old Russian Aliya Mustafina, described on NBC as the classic “Russian gymnastics diva”. Her cat-like eye makeup enchanted us!

We only post GIFs on special occasions.

(We couldn’t find a picture that showed this, but Aliya and the rest of her teammates on the Russian team completed their looks with sparkly hairspray. It might be a little weird to wear to the mall, but on the glitzy and cutthroat stage of women’s gymnastics, it was… adorable?)

Who do you think took home the gold? Vote below or let us know in the comments!


  1. michellebouse

    I do LOVE how much fun they are having with the looks. I was always so distracted by the powder blue eyeshadow. Yikes! Loving the sparkles, smokey eyes and natural looks. Aussie hairspray was always one of my fav freezing sprays when I needed it. I can still smell the grape..

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