Take a peek inside Robin S.’s beautybagg!

Next up in our series of peeking inside beautybaggs is the lovely Robin.  She’s a former Mary Kay consultant and freelance makeup artist, so we were definitely wanted to know what’s in her beautybagg!  None of us at the beautybagg team had ever tried Mary Kay products either, so we were especially curious.  Robin is a sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin and she shares with us her three favorite makeup looks and beautybagg.  Here’s the girl behind that gorgeous smile.

Meet Robin:

“I’m 19,  from Plano, Texas, and I just transferred to study social work. I love traveling so I’m really excited about studying abroad sometime soon. I used to tell people that as soon as I turned 18, I would able to be CEO of my own company at Mary Kay.”

I’m a simple routine girl in the morning. I don’t wake up early to put on makeup – I just work it into my schedule.

Robin’s Everyday Look Tutorial

Step 1: Apply foundation. I use Mary Kay Mineral Powder using circular motions, starting at my nose and going up and out.

**Note, if you need concealer, apply that before foundation.

Step 2: Apply lighter color. I use Mary Kay Pale Blush eye primer, which doubles as my base color and an agent to keep color lasting all day.

Step 3: Apply the darker color to creases and blend. I use Silver Satin by Mary Kay.

Step 4: Apply eyeliner. For my every day look, I only use eyeliner on the bottom. Sometimes black can be too harsh for a morning/afternoon look, so I use Mary Kay Olive eyeliner.

Step 5: Put on your mascara. (I comb and curl by lashes before doing this.)

Step 6: Don’t forget your lips! I use a Starry by Mary Kay, which is a clear but shiny lip-gloss. If your lips require – or if you desire – extra color, pinks are a good every day option.

Her first experience with makeup:

[My friend Annie] was a year older, and we got into her mom’s makeup. I thought that blush was something you put all over your cheek, so I had a deep red that was all over my cheeks. I remember Annie saying, “That’s not how you’re supposed to do it!”

Her favorite beauty equipment:

“Definitely the mineral powder because it gives a bit of color and it’s really simple to put on. [Mary Kay] Ultimate Mascara is really nice; I get asked if I’m wearing fake eyelashes a lot because it works really well. And the Mary Kay makeup remover is the best makeup remover I’ve ever used; it’s not oily and it gets off anything. I also use the Mary Kay 3-in-1 Timewise Cleanser and the Mary Kay Satin Hands and Satin Lips. Your hands feel like baby skin at the end.”

Her Mary Kay days:

“The worst thing – I guess I’m not a natural salesman or extrovert. You have to put yourself out there and let people know what you’re doing. Being younger than most of my customers was a little intimidating. It was the most uncomfortable part for me.

The best part was making my own hours. That was really important during my senior year [in high school]. I also met a lot of powerful women. I didn’t go in thinking I was going to meet people from it. I actually even recruited one of my friends, because she was having a baby and wanted to be able to stay at home. That brought us a lot closer.

I don’t work for Mary Kay anymore because around college campus it’s hard to find customers. I may go back someday; I talked to my previous boss, and she told me how to get back into it if I ever want to.”

Words of wisdom from her experiences:

“[I learned] a lot of self things: how to be a little more outgoing, self-confident, and really present yourself.

There were two sayings they would always say:

  1. You have to show up to go up – Corny, but it meant you have to get yourself out the house and put forth effort. The amount of effort you put in is really what you get out of something.
  2. The worst they can do is say no – that helped me, because I was so afraid of thinking I was bothering someone. But it’s as simple as it is, they say no and you move on.”

Make-up tips she gave us:

“With eyeliner and lip liner, start from outside in. So for lips you go from the corners to middle. Your eye has only one layer as opposed to the rest of your skin so it’s much more delicate and if you go in to out you’re pulling on it.

Apply concealer with your ring finger because it’s your weakest finger and it won’t be pulling as much.

If you want your eyes to appear larger, only apply on the bottom and then corner, maybe even halfway along the top.

The skin cells on your face lie like shingles, so you have to start at the bottom of your face and go up and out. Otherwise you won’t get the dirt out of the shingles.”

“Clean your face. I like to think of it as a canvas; [makeup] is just a way to accentuate the features you already have, not to cover up or look different.”

Lip liner makes a really big difference. Don’t be afraid to use it. It makes your lips look a lot fuller.

Robin’s Night Look Tutorial

Night look beautybagg! (See steps for specific products.)

Step 1, if needed: Concealer

Step 2: Cream-to-powder foundation and mineral powder on top

Top right – Step 3. Middle right – Step 5. Bottom right – Step 4.

Step 3: Eye primer, clear or colored

Step 4: Color eye look: she used Pale Blush eye primer as my first color (applied on the entire lid), Amber Blaze on her lower lid, and Ivy Garden in the crease. BLEND!

Step 5: Black eyeliner, as dramatic as you want.

Step 6: Mascara. Add intensity by starting at the base of your lash and shuffling the brush.

Step 7: Blush and highlighting powder. She used Mary Kay’s Sparkling Cider for blush and Pink Stardust highlighting powder above her blush, then used white of the highlighting powder on her brow bone and on the inner corner of the eye.

Step 8: Full lip look!

Mocha Freeze lipstick, and Beach Bronze lip-gloss

Robin on society and beauty:

As far as makeup goes, I do think I consider makeup looking its best when people just use it to bring out their features instead of covering up something.

“Makeup ads are always, ” Fix this flaw, fix that flaw”, instead of bringing out the best. You seem to need makeup to fix yourself, instead of just increasing what you already have. Media always sells that to women as a fear tactic, like “If you don’t buy this, you won’t get the guy”.

You definitely meet clients who were like “Ah I need this, ah I need that, I have this problem, my skin looks awful”. I think lots of women want makeup because it fixes something.”

Her current beauty obsession:

“I really like the vintage look, so I’d say liquid eyeliner so I can do a cat eye.”

Robin’s beautybagg

Big thanks to Robin for showing us your beautybagg!

Are you interested in showing us your beautybagg?  Leave a comment below or email us at hi@beautybagg.com!


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