Take a peek inside a Madewell fashionista’s beautybagg!

We recently spoke to UT Austin marketing major and Madewell stylist Amy about what’s in her beauty bagg. Read on to find out how she came to be a beauty-lover. (And fun factoid: she’s Stephanie’s sister-in-law!)

Name: Amy Pham

Age: 20

Who were your beauty idols when you were young?
I looked at pop culture: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and the Spice Girls. I remember watching MTV’s Making the Video, and [the Spice Girls] are getting ready and doing makeup. That’s the first time I ever thought, ‘Okay, makeup’s a thing’.

I distinctly remember spending lots of time with my friends when we were eight, playing with fluorescent blue eye shadow and Lip Smackers. We thought we looked great.

When did you really start wearing makeup?
I wore makeup for the very first time sophomore year of high school. My mom was okay with me wearing foundation, because I had lots of acne problems.

Can you tell us about your experience with your acne?
I had such bad acne for a long time. It started really early for me, like fifth or sixth grade. It got really bad in middle school. I’d have lots of small blemishes everywhere; my skin had a texture. I had eczcema on my face, by my mouth and down on my neck and arms … up until junior year of high school.

Did your skin problems affect your self esteem?
It was traumatizing. I don’t think people were trying to be rude, but people would be like, hey, what’s that on your face?

How did you finally cure it?
As I got older, my acne got better and easier to control. You have to get through that awkward time. Finally I went to the dermatologist and I got a topical cream, and it went away in a week. I should have gone to the dermatologist a long time ago.

Amy also loves fashion and writes about her finds on her blog The Retail Diaries.

What’s your daily beauty routine these days?
I wash my face with a Kiehl’s foaming wash in the shower, I put on moisturizer, and then I do a face primer. I really just do blush and eyeliner, or on bad days I wear foundation. I use a Clean & Clear moisturizer that has salicylic acid, so that helps with acne.

How do you change your look for special occasions?
When I go out, I’ll do gold-brown eye shadow and eyeliner. I’ll smoke that out, then I’ll add bronzer. I like to do red lipstick and then fade it. I don’t like lip gloss, it’s gross.

With bronzer you can make your nose smaller, all those tricks, but as you get older you just learn to accept it. Now, I just kind of make it work.  l like the way I look.

What would you change about the beauty industry?

People give Anna Wintour a lot of shit. She’s totally into the “skinny model” look, and she controls what the next step is for the fashion industry, like literally her alone. So when I get older, I would love to work for the marketing team of a design house or a brand. Not even anything fancy, like Marc Jacobs, but even a Madewell or J. Crew.

People forget that the media isn’t necessarily telling you how to look, they’re just giving you inspiration… The sooner you realize that you can make it a part of yourself, rather than making yourself part of something else, that’s when you can truly achieve beauty.

1. MAC Refined Golden Golden Bronzer Powder, 2. Maybelline Line Stylist eyeliner in Black Sparkle, 3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, 4. MAC Powder Blush in Eversun, 5. Elizabeth Arden Eye Shadow Palette

Big thanks to Amy for sharing her beautybagg with us!  Do you want to be featured?  Tell us below or send us an email at hi@beautybagg.com!

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