Cellulite, Stretch Marks, Weird Lines, Oh My!

Charmaine is our guest blogger this week. She currently lives in DC, but is from sunny LA.  She is our go to accessories guru and can style us with any budget. She loves food, works in politics and teaches Cardio Barre at nights!  We recently visited her and noticed how many cellulite buster products she had in her medicine cabinet so we asked her to guest blog:


I am getting older.  My skin elasticity just isn’t what it use to be.  Sure, those who know me might say, you’re being overly critical and plus I have the Asian genes on my side, but when you have thin skin (and I don’t mean emotionally), every little thing shows. What does that mean? Well, first off, because I have lost so much weight from college, I have stretch marks.  Going into college at 90 lbs and then coming out at 120 after college does not do anything for your body.  Now although I do not have cellulite in the back of my legs (scarily enough, I verified with a plastic surgeon), I do have what he calls lines in my skin.  Because of my thin skin, every little mark shows up, from sitting too much on a chair, to laying down, etc.  This is caused by lack of collagen and elasticity in my skin.   Oh and did I mention I have excess skin on my stomach from my weight lost that for some reason will not tighten up? As it should for someone in my age who losses weight at a good pace? Yeah, it slowly is getting better, but not fast enough.

So I started with the least extreme way to fix all my problem areas: Creams and Gels.  For Stretch Marks I used StriVectin-SD, something my plastic surgeon’s wife swore by after her pregnancy.  Always check with your doctor, but I am pretty sure you can’t use this while pregnant or breast feeding.   It is amazing, my stretch marks are virtually undetectable now.  It took me about 10 weeks, but it worked.  For, my tummy, I used two products, Clarins High Definition Body Lift.  This is amazing and I use it on the back of my legs.  It is for cellulite, but it tightens my skin too.  Bonus: the instructions come with different massaging techniques to break away the cellulite.  Many women have sworn by this product and I am one of them!  What didn’t work was the Bliss Lovehandler gel.  It feels tingly when you put it on, but I didn’t really see results.  Maybe it’ll work for someone else?  As for the back of my legs, my doctor prescribed Tretinoin Cream.  This basically makes your skin regenerate at a faster rate so that it builds elasticity and collagen.  Not for the faint of heart.  It gets really itchy and your skin gets red, but the results are amazing.  My skin looks smoother  and more even now.  So ladies, good luck with these products!

What do you do to combat cellulite or stretch marks??

What do you think?

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