Halloween ideas using just makeup

If you’re like us, then you never think about Halloween costumes until a few days before it actually happens.  This year, we’re trying to come up with costume ideas today, the Friday before the weekend prior to Halloween, when most Halloween parties take place.  Since it’s too late to order a costume via Amazon Prime, we thought we’d utilize our vast makeup collection.  Surely there are options using just the makeup we already have, right?

We looked to Youtube for inspiration, and here are some tutorials using minimal products.  We’ve simplified the product list so if you’re like us and want to recreate these looks, you just need 2 or 3 extra items.  If you have the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette, you’re all set.  Since we don’t have that (note to self: must add to Wish List), we got some Ben Nye products from a local theatrical supply store, but Halloween stores have similar products.  Throw on some black clothes, and you’re ready for Halloween!

Half Sugar Skull/Half Classic Pin up by Sophia/fashionista804

Products you may may need to get: white makeup base, silver glitter eyeliner (or substitute this with another glitter/metallic liner)

Zombie Barbie by MichellePhan

We ended up doing the zombie part of this look, and it was a huge hit!  We used the lightest shade in the Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage palette in No.1 all over the face with a makeup sponge (use any light concealer shade), then dabbed on a mixture of the white, gray, and green from the Ben Nye Monster Wheel for the zombie face color.

Products you may need to get for the zombie part: Make Up For Ever Flash Palette (or just white, red, and brown cream bases; use a black gel eyeliner to substitute for black base), liquid latex (or lash glue).

Zombie by Tanya Burr/Pixi2woo

Ok, had to add another zombie tutorial in here since we’re obsessed with The Walking Dead and books like The Ashes Trilogy by Ilsa J. Bick.  We also tried out this look, and it’s super easy.  Again, use the same method as above for the zombie skin.

Products you may need to get: white makeup base (mix with a bit of your usual foundation), liquid latex or silicone mold (or lash glue again), vampire blood, darker blood “jam” (costume stores will have these things).  We got Ben Nye Stage Blood (in zesty mint flavor!), Ben Nye Liquid Latex, and Ben Nye Fresh Scab for those awesome gooey blood clots.

Easy Cat Tutorial by Christine/xteeener

For an easy, cute Halloween look, be a cat (which we did last year).  Use some black gel liner or a pencil eyeliner, glitter eye liner for special effect, add false lashes, and voila!

What are you going to be for Halloween??

What do you think?

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