Organic new product loves: RMS Undercover concealer and Isa’s Restoratives Lilac Rouge

Judy and I recently attended a wedding in West Point, NY.  As we all know, the tiny clutch that people carry during weddings can only fit a few beauty necessities.  This weekend, I was carrying 2 new additions to my beautybagg: Isa lip and cheek balm and RMS Undercover (shade 33).

I read about Isa’s Restoratives on intothegloss and felt the need to get it immediately.  I use the Isa balm on both my lips and cheeks.  It really reminds me of Tarte Cheek Stain, but it is a bit balmier.  I love that it is all organic.  On my cheeks and lips, it adds a bit of color and is very sheer and sweet. It smells like lilacs.  A plus is that it has not caused acne on my cheeks, which I was concerned about because I have acne-prone skin.  On the negative side, it doesn’t work as a great balm for chapped lips.  It adds a bit of color, but you are still going to need your Burt’s Bees. Ingredients: Macadamia and avocado oils infused with Alkanet Root, Filtered Beeswax and Lilac Fragrance.

I love RMS Undercover, and I’m peeved it took me so long to finally get it. I’ve been reading about it on other blogs and review sites and people rave about it.  It’s also very balmy, it’s almost a mix between concealor which I usually find to be too dry and foundation which is slightly too liquid.  I really love the texture because I find that most of the times when I need to cover up a spot, I’ve already tried to try it out with acne cream so there are dry flakes around it.  This balmy cover-up allows me to fill in any creases and dry spots and has great coverage.  It really feels like it just melts into my skin.  I use it anywhere I have spots or redness, it is very buildable. I also use it under my eyes to touch up.  RMS is also known as an organic line, which is an extra plus!

For those of you that are always on the go and just want simple quick touch-ups, I would definitely recommend checking out both Isa tinted salve and RMS undercover!!

PS. I bought both products from Terrain and used the coupon code DESIGNSPONGE to get 15% off!

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