Holiday Gift Sets to Split

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I love all the holiday sets that come out around the holidays, but even as a huge beauty lover, receiving 15 lip glosses or 9 hand creams all at once is a bit overkill.  As the gift giver, what I like to do is to split up these gift sets and spread them out among multiple recipients, so they get can try a variety of my favorite products.

I listed 5 of my favorite gift sets to split up below – what I’m going to do is mix and match a few items from each set to give out to each recipient and package them in a cute pouch.  I personally think this shows more thought as you can pick out the colors/scents that you think each person would like best.

Buxom Shimmer and Shake Show-Stopping Collection of 15 Lip Polishes & Creams, $59 – I LOVE Buxom glosses – they are tingly, minty, and offer a beautiful shine.  And at $59 for 15 of the most popular colors, this set is a steal.

Laura Mercier Luxe Caviar Stick Set, $98 – These Caviar Sticks are AWESOME eye color bases or can even stand alone as easy swipe-and-go shadows.  Even ladies with oily lids (like me) can use them – once they set, they are almost smudge-proof.  Normally, the retail price is $26 per Caviar Stick, and since these are full size and come with SIX, this set is a great deal to split up among multiple recipients. My favorite colors are Amethyst, Cocoa, and Khaki.

Deborah Lippmann Big Bang, $78  – I was totally on a Deborah Lippmann kick for the longest time, then I got over it, thinking that the polishes weren’t all that unique, and now I’m back on.  The polishes really wear beautifully and last quite a long time, and Deborah Lippmann offers innovative colors and finishes for people who like daring polishes.  A full-size polish will run you about $17-$19, and even though these are smaller, few people actually finish a full bottle of nail polish, so this is a great way to gift out a few cool colors to each recipient.

Fresh Sugar Treasures, $50 – I tried to not like these since they are pricey, but I can’t even tell you how many tubes of Fresh Lip Treatments (in various shades) I’ve gone through.  They are just so easy and are moisturizing.  It was also my SPF  lip treatment of choice when I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro a few months ago.  Fabulous set to split and gift to multiple ladies.

L’Occitane Hand Cream Soiree, $92 – I’m not one of those people who obsessively applies hand cream – I’m just too lazy.  However, even I will go to the effort during colder months of making sure I have a tube on me, and I really like the texture and scent of the L’Occitane Hand Creams.  My favorite scents are Mango Flower, Lavender, and Honey.

Are you giving out beauty gifts this year?  If so, please share!


  1. Kate F.

    Why no love for Nordstrom sets? All of these are from Sephora, and they don’t offer free shipping w/no minimum like Nordy’s does!

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